L-I-G-H-T started out as a search engine for the work of Ray Peat. It took all of his available written, audio and video work to create a search engine around it. After hundred of hours of work we had all of his audio and video work transcribed and time stamped every single word so you could search for anything he has spoken about and start playing the audio or video from that point. There are nearly 200 hours of content and each has been triple checked. It’s an ongoing work as Ray Peat’s work continues to grow.


The internet is full of unimportant information usually designed for SEO.  The more you write hte more you are likely to receive search engine traffic to your website. But for us, the end user, it makes it very difficult to find the best information available.

The purpose of LIGHTS is to a social system allowing users to highlight the most valuable parts of the information overloaded sea of the internet. It is essentially a search engine, but also a way for individuals and groups to organize information. So while it has an important social aspect it has value for the unique individual user outside of what others highlight. Or it has immediate value for the user in that they can keep track of the things they highlight, but the value of it over time increases the more users we have who are highlighting the important parts of the web.:

“We’re drowning in an ocean of information overload. The way we work is broken. There has to be a better way.”

The next BIG thing will be someone who figures out how to get this content to us more effectively. We’ve had Twitter, Facebook and now Pinterest. Someone in the future will do it better.”

"Because there is an ever-increasing amount of noise in terms of consumable content, I do think it is getting more difficult to create the type of content that rises above that cacophony. On the other side of the coin, it’s getting more difficult for consumers to sift through all the “stuff” to find the “good stuff.”

"All content is in the same gigantic pile called the Internet. The cream does not magically float up and present itself to you because it’s “high quality” content.”

So let us together find the best parts of the internet in the health industry. Highlight the most important parts so you can search it up later. Every day we are flooded with new information only to be forgotten about and lost. We can bookmark it or save it but how do we find it again out of the hundreds or thousands of things we have bookmarked?

LIGHTS allows you to highlight and find what you find important but also find what others found important as well.  You can create groups of like minded people to see what they are highlighting and find important. Additionally within Groups can you create special Projects.

There is much more coming to L-I-G-H-T such as to organize research in meaningful way.

You can download the LIGHT highlighting extension here.