Introducing L-I-G-H-T WeLIGHTS.


Now you can participate and help grow LIGHT. The things you search for and highlight are automatically added to the search engine.

We come across so much information every day that we try to remember. But how do we remember it? Maybe we bookmark a website but it's soon lost in a sea of hundreds of thousands of bookmarks on our computer. And searching the bookmarks we can't remember which website actually had the information we were seeking.

We are flooded with an overload of information every day. Even some of the best aritcles are loaded with unnecessary filler information either for SEO or to make the article longer. LIGHT allows you to highlight the best of each article or facebook post you read so that you can remember it later.

WeLIGHTS not only allows you to highlight and easily find your own highlights but it also allows you to find what others found important. Right now the only group is Ray Peat but soon you will be able to create your own user pages and groups.

Everything must be health related. Many new features and improvements coming soon.

Download the LIGHT Extension now and start highlighting.